Micro Hospitals, Boutique Hospitals
and Surgery Centers

Leading The Way

As healthcare continues to transition toward community-centered care, ISSI will continue to lead the way in innovation with programs designed specifically for facilities under 60,000 sq. ft. and custom tailored to your patients needs. Our systems excel at improving patient satisfaction, quality of service, and cleanliness while helping to reduce HAI’s and re-admissions rates with Top-Rated EVS Services.

Increased Interaction = Increased SatisfactionPatient satisfaction and interaction, championed by your Nutrition Ambassadors, regularly achieves 100% patient interaction for each meal, greatly impacting satisfaction.

Pride, Makes A DifferenceOur Chefs lead with a focus on customer service, detail, amazing food, and timeliness. We strive to make a difference in each patient’s day by giving them something to look forward to! Our Chefs and Ambassadors take pride in their food, pride in themselves, and pride in the community we serve. We want everyone in the community to know how incredible the food is at your facility!


Keep your staff and customers engaged with uncommon, locally sourced items crafted by our Chefs into fun and delicious food.

Each month, we will showcase a seasonal ingredient with our ISSI EATS TRUE FOOD program. Staff and customers love tasting and learning about using prickly pear cactus to brine short ribs or how maple water was tapped by local loggers and infused into whipped topping and fruit parfaits.

Using locally accessible items allows us to connect with customers on a personal level, in their homes. Many will come back and tell us how they were tired of making the same thing for dinner and tried one of our recipes using TRUE FOOD. Sharing it with their families and educating them on how the TRUE FOOD ingredient is good for their bodies. The opportunity to share our expertise with our customers, and colleagues, in a way that impacts their lives is what fuels our passion for food.

We are passionate that “Every bite counts for a healthier you!”


Catering Need to celebrate with your staff? Physicians? How about some community outreach? Our teams create memorable events with amazing food and top-notch service. With international chefs on your team, the sky is the limit for your next event!


Healthcare facility cleanliness is paramount in limiting HAI’s. Our employees understand the importance that we play in the well-being of patients and they take our role seriously to protect them. Our systems are created for your facility by meeting or exceeding state and federal guidelines while improving quality of service and improving patient satisfaction.

Quality Assurance ISSI employs a number of Quality Assurance measures to ensure your facility is clean and safe for all of your
patients and staff. CleanTelligent Inspection software enables us to update you, as needed, on frequency and efficiency of service while ATP and blacklight testing proves efficacy.

Laundry and Linen Each of our clients are unique. Requiring varying levels of Laundry and Linen Service. Whether you have a linen service or are utilizing disposable linens, ISSI will assess your situation and leverage our purchasing power to ensure the best value for your dollars spent.

Consulting, Remodeling, Pre-Construction If you are building, purchasing, or remodeling an existing space, let us use our combined experience to guide you through the process. Our team has used our knowledge to create fully functioning kitchens in the smallest of places and have helped organizations plan brand new super kitchens, down to the finest detail, before they ever broke ground.

Keep It In-House If your current team isn’t progressing how you think they should, then allow us to guide them through the process. Our team has worked with hundreds of clients through the years where their in-house manager needed guidance and we were able to work with them to get their teams educated and driven to surpass their goals.


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