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Consulting, Remodeling,

Consulting, Remodeling,

Over the years we have had many opportunities to help design, remodel or build from scratch, kitchens all over the United States. Let our years of experience, physically working in, building and operating kitchens, help guide you through the challenging process.

At ISSI, we want to change the way food service in our industry is thought of. We do not want anyone to have to eat “hospital food” or “cafeteria food” ever again. The stigma that is inherant with these terms will quickly fade away with the appropriate combination of technology and service style for your facility. We are designing and operating kitchens that are serving braised short ribs and broiled salmon to customers from small cafes that once housed vending machines, or to-go items only.

Don’t Let Design Flaws Be Your Downfall Design flaws, out-dated equipment, and work flow inefficiencies can negatively effect quality. ISSI’s innovative approach allows the highest quality cuisine, in even the smallest footprint, and within any budget.

We have been honoroed to begin many long standing relationships by lending our expertise and support to buisinesses across the United States with:

  • State and Federal regulatory compliance
  • TJC Survey, mock survey
  • Magnet Certification Preparation
  • Department of Health Inspections
  • CMS Certifications as well as Federal Inspections
  • Kitchen and Café Design
  • Work-flow and throughput
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Improvements to existing spaces

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Food Sustainability

How our food is produced and what types of foods we’re consuming can have significant impacts on our environment.