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Environmental & Housekeeping

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Following CDC Guidelines

Let us help you stay up-to-date with CDC Guidelines to help keep everyone stay safe. We can help you determine how many employees are safe to be working at a time and how to implement safety measures.

Environmental Cleaning

Aside from daily rounding carried out by directors and supervisors, ISSI employs a number of environmental measures to ensure your facility is clean and safe for all your patients and staff. CleanTelligent Inspection software enables us to update you on frequency and efficiency of service. We also include UV-C Sanitation as added insurance and optional ATP and blacklight testing for quantifiable assurance of high-touch areas.

Appreciating Healthcare Workers

Show healthcare workers you are thinking of them. After working tremendously hard and long hours, healthcare workers may not want to go grocery shopping or wait for food. For their convenience, we have implemented grab-n-go's, meal kits, and convenience stores to make sure they get the nutrition and supplies they need quickly.

FocusedClean by ISSI

Designed for Efficiency and Flexibility

FocusedClean is ISSI’s innovative approach to industrial hygiene: unmet by any other company. We’ve taken industrial hygiene to a whole other level, making it the best in the industry. ISSI has implemented FocusedClean to ensure your facility upholds the standards recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Our FocusedClean program is flexible to be able to work with any industry, whether it’s movie production sets, hospitals, schools, or work spaces! We want to help YOU be safe.

Experts in the Industry

ISSI’s FocusedClean Compliance Council, which includes our very own COVID-19 Compliance Officers, provides the expertise to manage our program. Our experts provide training in-person and through online modules to maintain efficiency and consistency. We train team members to make sure they are well informed to correctly use disinfecting equipment and PPE. ISSI also keeps everyone updated on any new sanitation procedures/guidelines.

Stuffed Avocado

FocusedClean 4-Step Program

Step 1: Assessment

Safe return. Peace of mind.

  • Checklists and guidelines for reopening/reentry

  • Initial, comprehensive clean

  • Minimize high-touch surfaces

  • Hand-sanitizer stations

  • Workplace sanitation supplies

Step 2. High-Touch Area Cleaning

  • CleanTelligent Inspection software

  • UV-C Sanitation

  • ATP testing (Premium option)

  • Blacklight testing (Premium option)

Daily/hourly cleans of high-touch surfaces.

Step 3. Extensive Cleaning

Make sure your facility is clean. Daily, biweekly, monthly all areas. Same equipment and process as step 2, but on a broader scale

Go above and beyond.

Step 4. Follow-Ups

Keep it safe.

  • Checklists to make sure guidelines are being met and updated within facilities

  • Recommendations for continual safety after workplace openings.

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