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Fight the stigma of “hospital food.” Our highly trained and skilled ISSI Chefs create dishes that will impress patients, customers, and staff. With our Patient/Nutrition Ambassador Program we give patients the best dining experience to make for a more comfortable stay. We also provide an exceptional physician dining experience. Keeping physicians happy, energized, and satisfied allows them to fully focus on patients. That is why we work with physicians and your team to offer full meals, favorites, and grab-n-go items for those short on time.

Choose ISSI for your EVS. Our EVS leadership team leverages over 150 years of experience to help you design, install, purchase, operate, and manage your EVS systems and equipment. In addition, our laundry and linen staff will ensure your linens are clean, fresh, bright, and ready when needed.

Hospital Employees

Micro Hospitals & Emergency/Outpatient Departments

As healthcare continues to transition toward community-centered care, ISSI  leads the way in innovation with programs designed specifically for facilities under 60,000 sq. ft. and custom-tailored to your patients’ needs. We’re talking amazing cafes, convenience stores, catering services, and resort-style EVS services to make sure patient and staff satisfaction is guaranteed. We are experts in serving all types of healthcare facilities, including hospital outpatient clinics and free-standing emergency departments.

Our chefs lead with a focus on customer service, details, remarkable food, and timeliness. We strive to make a difference in each patient’s day by giving them something to look forward to! Our chefs and ambassadors take pride in their food, themselves, and in the community we serve.


Senior Living

Food and environment are often considered when making living arrangement decisions for loved ones. Our employees understand the importance of resident well-being and they take their role seriously to achieve this goal. Our systems are created for your facility by exceeding state and federal guidelines, while improving quality of service and resident satisfaction.

Things like personalized food options, “while you were away” cards, and exceptional cleaning services let your residents know they are being cared for. The personal touches that we train our staff to seek out are what sets us apart and is our secret to our clients achieving personal best Top-Box Satisfaction Survey results.


Patient & Nutrition Ambassador Program

Through personal care, our Patient & Nutrition Ambassador Program regularly helps hospitals achieve 100% patient satisfaction for each meal. Read more about how increased interaction = increased satisfaction.

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