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Higher Education


Food for Thought

Give college students and staff a dining experience to come back to! We can help upgrade your cafeterias, so that you can provide food that is not only delicious, but is also of the highest quality. Hungry students and staff running short on time? We’ve got you covered with convenience stores that provide quick, grab-n-go meals and snacks to keep everyone driven and satisfied.


Custodial Services

 High volumes of people in any location leads to spills, drops, scuffs, scratches, and tons of waste each year. Allowing ISSI to handle these potentially harmful issues allows you to focus on what you do best! We provide pain-free service where we operate seamlessly within your daily operations; ensuring your facility is as clean and safe as possible. We will work diligently with your leadership to create a program that is perfect for your campus and make sure your standards and goals are exceeded.

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