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Productivity is one of the most highly researched metrics in business today. If your teams are not maximizing productivity, then you are losing out on opportunities. Productivity is greatly impacted by employee happiness, as the University of Warwick found while surveying over 12,000 people: There is a 22% swing in productivity between those that are happy and those that are unhappy.

Since environment, culture, and perks are listed as top satisfiers among employees, it only makes sense to provide a superb environment for your employees to work in and offer food that invigorates them through the rest of their workday! Let ISSI show you how our services can help propel your team past its goals!

Food and Nutritional Services With an ISSI Chef leading your kitchen the value of a Chef is undeniable! Anyone can pour ingredients from a can, heat it, and serve it… but a Chef creates food using the freshest ingredients. Their skills, which our training continues to expand upon, allows them to flourish in any situation, large or small.

Show your employees they are appreciated by providing delicious, power-packed meals
that they can look forward to each day! Instead of employees running out to a fast-food
chain, let them enjoy a healthy meal in your very own café- saving your employees time and money.

Catering ISSI Chef’s love to show off their culinary skills when catering events occur. Beautiful white tablecloth Galas, Community events, and Board Meetings are all great opportunities for ISSI to impress your guests and they will! Our teams are able to work within any budget and in conjunction with your leadership will create a menu to dazzle and create food that everyone will enjoy.

Janitorial Two of the largest contributors to workplace illness are air quality and cleanliness. Both of which can be combatted with quality Janitorial Services. We at ISSI take pride in our job and our ability to offer you the best value for your dollar. We value our customers and your health and will do everything in our power to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your facility; to help promote a healthy work culture.

Our employees are trained to go above and beyond. Focusing on details to ensure each area is cleaned correctly. With ISSI you won’t have to ask yourself “Did this room get cleaned last night?”

We have re-finished and maintained floors of every style and material with one constant; ISSI’s ability to keep floors looking like new. Your floors will remain looking fresh and new with the finish of your choosing, matte to high gloss. Our state-of-the-art floor care system maintains hard surfaces as well as carpets which remain vibrant and fresh.

Consulting, Remodeling, Pre-Construction If you are building, purchasing, or remodeling an existing space, let us use our 150 years of experience to guide you through the process. Our team has used our knowledge to create fully functioning kitchens in the smallest of places and have helped organizations plan brand new super kitchens, down to the finest detail, before they ever broke ground.

Or, if your current team isn’t progressing how you think they should, then allow us to guide them through the process. Our team has worked with hundreds of clients through the years where their in-house manager needed some guidance and we were able to work with them to get their teams educated and driven to surpass their goals.


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