Higher Education

Food and Nutrition Services

Let our teams help you fight the “cafeteria food” stigma. We recruit the finest talent in culinary ability as well as personality characteristics. Our employees enjoy serving others, which is what fuels our incredible creations. We love to watch people experience new foods and tell friends about their experiences. We consistently find the highest quality employees by focusing on personality characteristics as much as operational success.

We then invest into our employees’ education and furture as they invest their time with us. As long as they are with ISSI, our employees know that they are the face of our business and they represent themselves, their families, ISSI, and our clients. Each employee vows to uphold our Guiding Principles and represent our clients positively in every interaction. Whether we are designing Spun Sugar decorations for a celebration or cleaning at the end of the shift, our employees are taught to take pride in each assignment. Harnessing this pride and hunger to be great, is what makes the impossible, possible!

Catering Working through the Food and Nutrition Services team, the catering team provides impressive fare for any occasion. If you need a lunch spread for a meeting or a white tablecloth Gala for your boosters, ISSI has the skill and experience to impress your guests with international cuisine!

Custodial Services

High volumes of people in any location leads to spills, drops, scuffs, scratches, and tons of waste each year. Allowing ISSI to handle these potentially harmful issues allows you to focus on what you do best! A partnership with ISSI is a pain-free service where we act on your behalf, operating seamlessly within your daily operations; ensuring your facility is as clean and safe as possible. We will work diligently with your leadership to create a program that is perfect for your campus, and our world class leadership team ensures standards and goals are exceeded.

Current team not performing? Allow Integrated Support Solutions, Inc to guide them through the improvement process. With our hands-on approach, our mentors successfully guide under performing staffs through surveys, propel teams to out perform satisfaction goals and financial budgets. We work with your employees and managers to build a culture of service, one where we know exactly what we do, and why we do it! We are here to serve, and we do so humbly.


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