Our teams are fighting the stigma of “hospital food” everyday. Placing a Chef in every hospital kitchen allows us to create food that has patients telling friends and family how great their dining experience was during their stay!

Quality Assurance Our Patient Ambassador program ensures your patients will receive meals that are nutritious, therapeutically accurate and delicious! Patient Satisfaction scores are soaring due to the personal care we provide each patient.

Café dining provides an ever-expanding revenue opportunity for our clients that we have shown improve drastically with our Chef’s creations.

PHYSICIAN DINING AND CATERING: Clients highlight our Physician Dining Program when attracting personnel due to our ability to adapt to the pallet of our Physicians. Keeping them happy, energized, and satisfied with endless possibilities allows them to focus on your patients. We work with the Physicians and your team to offer full meals, favorites, and even grab and go items for those short on time.

“Another catered lunch?!” Not anymore, just call down to your FNS department
and discuss catering options with your Chef or Dietary Manager. Never
again will someone complain about the “same ol’ catered lunch”.
Our teams are built to perform all of your catering duties,
on-site. Planning a lunch for students, or a Gala
to celebrate? ISSI will help you make your
event special, elegant, and one
to remember!

Nutrition Ambassadors

“Nutrition Ambassadorship” begins with understanding that our front line staff- those taking patient orders and delivering meals to patients – are the face of the department. Therefore, a patient’s experience is GREATLY affected by these employees. To be successful in this job, and Ambassador must be Humble, Hungry and Smart.

Our Ambassador program recruits for the brightest and most empathetic personalities. Often ambassadors are aspiring Dietitians, Therapists and Nurses who are working through college. We train our Ambassadors on food safety, accuracy, handling positive and negative interactions, the importance of preparation, and how to anticipate patient needs.

For our clients, our Ambassador program has proven vital in improving HCAHPS, satsifaction scores, and education for patients and staff.



We train all of employees extensively and will provide comprehensive and anticipatory EVS services but what makes us different is the attention paid to the patients. We want our employees to go out of their way to make a positive impact on each patient they encounter. Personal touches like “While you were away” cards, sani strips, etc” speak to the cleanliness of the room, which is expected but the personal touches that we train our staff to seek out are what sets us apart and is our secret to our clients achieving personal best Top-Box Satisfaction Survey results.

Quality Assurance Aside from daily rounding carried out by Directors and Supervisors, our system employs a number of Quality Assurance measures to ensure your facility is clean and safe for your patients and staff. CleanTelligent Inspection software enables us to update you as needed on frequency and efficiency of service. UV-C Sanitization as added insurance and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing for quantifiable assurance.

Quality Assurance Testing Systems

  • ATP Testing
  • Cleantelligent auditing software and reporting
  • Fluorescents for high touch areas
  • Data through software and empirical observations
  • Training, training, training
  • Chronotek ee tracking
  • Patient Ambassador program
  • Lean program
  • Staffing Optimization program

Laundry and Linen In partnership with our vendors and EVS teams, the Laundry and Linen staff will ensure your linens are clean, fresh, bright and ready when needed.

Consulting, Remodeling, Pre-Construction If you are building, purchasing or remodeling an existing space, let us use our combined experience to guide you through the process. Our team has used our knowledge to create fully functioning kitchens in the smallest of places and have helped organizations plan brand new super kitchens, down to the finest detail, before they ever broke ground.

Keep It In-House If your current team isn’t progressing how you think they should, then allow us to guide them through the process. Our team has worked with hundreds of clients through the years where their in-house manager needed guidance and we were able to work with them to get their teams educated and driven to surpass their goals.


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