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Our Programs

True Food Program

Keep your staff and customers excited with fun, healthful, and delicious menu items that change every month! Each month, we give our chefs an ingredient to work with and they come up with ideas on how to implement that ingredient into their menus. In the past, some of our seasonal ingredients have included prickly pear cactus for short ribs and maple water for whipped cream! Our chefs love the challenge and customers love the change.

A Man Preparing a Salad

Patient & Nutrition Ambassador Programs

Patient dining shouldn’t only be about eating…it should be about the whole dining experience. That is why we provide a patient and nutrition ambassador program that takes food orders directly from patients and delivers them. This ensures that your patients receive meals that are nutritious, therapeutically accurate, and delicious!

Our program recruits for the brightest and most empathetic personalities. Ambassadors are often aspiring dietitians, therapists, and nurses who are working through college. We train our ambassadors on safety, accuracy, handling positive and negative interactions, the important of preparation, and how to anticipate patient needs. Our ambassador program has proven vital in improving HCAHPS, satisfaction scores, and education for patients and staff.


LEAN Management Program

Let ISSI help you implement a LEAN management program for your facilities. Based on the LEAN principles of continual improvement, we can help you and your team define goals and manage workflow to evaluate needs for enhancement. Improve performance while maintaining a flexible and trustworthy environment. Your team should represent a continuous work in progress! ISSI can guide you on how to predict obstacles before they come up and how to use your resources to your advantage!

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