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Our Promise to You

Young Business Colleagues

We Serve You!

Integrated Support Solutions, Inc. was originally created and developed over decades with one singular focus “to be of service to others with kindness and humility.” The vision for this company has always been centered around you, our clients. There are no shareholders, no board of trustees, just our commitment to be of service to you.

We uphold "participative" leadership; one where we work together to surpass your goals with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology. We lead with industry best standards and work on your behalf to provide the best service, within any budget.

We Provide the Best Technicians

Our team of trustworthy, dependable food service and environmental services technicians are more than just top-notch in their field. A candidate must meet rigorous standards to be hired by ISSI. Not only do we use background checks and drug checks to verify that applicants meet our standards, but they must also pass a comprehensive skills test. Candidates must also meet our guiding principles and have a can-do attitude. We then introduce them to you to make the final decision. We know their competency, however each facility has its own unique culture and chemistry and we want only the best fit. The control remains with the administrative liaison.

Young Business Colleagues

Food & Nutrition Service Key Performance Indicators


Tray Delivery Times

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

Press Ganey Scores

Department Turnover Rates

Net Cost Per Patient Day 

Test Tray Accuracy

Cafe Customer Satisfaction

Cafe Revenue

Environmental Services Key Performance Indicators

Call Response Time

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

Operating Turnover Times (Between Case)

ATP Testing Under 200ppm

45. Min. Patient Room Turnover

Lowered HAI's Every Year


Department Turnover Rates

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