About Us

Come for the food, Stay for the hospitality

Integrated Support Solutions, Inc. has become a national, trusted leader in hospitality. We are rooted in innovation and distinguished in high-class service. With scrumptious cuisine paired with unparalleled hospitality services, Integrated Support Solutions, Inc. creates deluxe experiences centered around customer satisfaction.

We provide food & nutrition and environmental services, as well as premium consulting that is tailored to YOUR needs. Remember when we said we are centered around customer satisfaction? Well, we mean it and we guarantee it. We provide greater flexibility because we have no shareholders to answer to. So, rest assured you will receive 100% of our loyalty, focus, and trust. 


Our Philosophy

Providing the best service in the industry.

Foundational to our organization, these Guiding Principles steer us in everything we do, every day.  From the incredible teammates that join us, to the clients and communities we gratefully serve, our Guiding Principles are the glue that binds us together.  These 15 principles are at the heart of our amazing team of people, and ultimately, those people are what make our company different!  If you are looking to differentiate from your competition, you must be willing to try something different.


Meet Our Team

The ones that have your back.

Steve Eisner

CEO & Founder

Upon graduating from UCLA Economics, Steve started working in the hotel and resort industry, earning the Hotel Restaurant credential and overseeing multiple states. Steve then received his Masters in Marketing and, for the next 9 years, his vision for food, beverage, hospitality, and customer service took shape while providing for companies such as 20th Century Fox, Paramount Studios, and Ted Kennedy.

Steve founded Integrated Support Solutions, Inc. after realizing the need for better service in the healthcare industry. Throughout his career, Steve has taken on many roles, such as Regional Manager, Adjunct Professor, COO, CEO, President, but the one that taught him the most was the position of " customer." Viewing each of these industries through the customers eyes he realized a need: To provide GREAT food and resort style service to the healthcare industry and beyond.

David Marshall

Chief Operations Officer

As an internationally trained chef with 25 years in the industry, David brings his passion for cuisine to each of the industries ISSI serves- often via non-traditional, innovative operational designs. David’s uncanny ability to optimize workflow and design professional kitchens, for ease of service, has benefited ISSI’s clients for over 15 years. David has adapted the “desire to be of service to others” in the hospitality that ISSI provides to its clients, patients; and its employees. David’s leadership style of bold curiosity and mindful humility drives our team to happily be of service to others.

Nashwa Boctor Esq.

Senior VP of Human Resources and Risk Management

As a Principle Officer, Nashwa has shaped the Human Resources department to align with ISSI’s overall organizational objectives. Leading our team for System Development, Program Implementation, and Culture and Change Management are just a few of her accomplishments. With experience in all aspects of human relations she guides ISSI through Talent Acquisition, Employee Relations, Business Partnering, and Liability.

Cindy Graham

Vice President of Human Resources

Cindy has an extensive background in the human resources and legal fields. She began her career in 1989 working at Rushfeldt, Shelley & Drake in the medical malpractice field. Cindy joined Integrated Support Solutions, Inc. in 1996 as its first employee. In 2000 Cindy assumed the responsibilities of risk management and human resources under the direction of Nashwa Eisner, Senior Vice President of Human Resources. Cindy’s expertise includes organizational development, training and development, risk management, specializing in cost containment of worker’s compensation claims.

Cindy is passionate about helping employees make the most of their resources and talent. Cindy has demonstrated great leadership skills during her career and is a model Team Leader.

Cindy also has served as the Director of Finance/Treasurer for several non-profit organizations in California and Texas.

Dan Williamson

Chief Financial Officer

After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Illinois State University, Dan has devoted his career to corporate accounting and has held numerous leadership positions over the last 20 years. He began his career with a Fortune 500 company in the insurance industry, where he spent several years, before moving onto challenging roles within a variety of different industries. His diverse corporate experience has served him well as CFO of Integrated Support Solutions, Inc. and he is very excited about the future of the company with the high level of service and excellence ISSI continues to provide to customers. As a passionate nature lover Dan enjoys adventures to the mountains, deserts, and oceans, as often as possible.

Jay Lloyd

Vice President of Business Development

Immediately after graduating from East Carolina University Jay started his career in the support services industry; using his leadership capabilities to serve others. Jay quickly moved through the ranks, holding positions of marketing assistant, sales manager, director, up through regional manager and Vice President; where he successfully managed teams responsible for over $200 million in revenue a year. He has been paramount in multiple customer and patient satisfaction initiatives which led client facilities to “personal bests” scores in third party satisfaction survey scores.

Juan Perales

Vice President of Environmental Services

Juan Perales is a native of Houston Texas, he graduated from Missouri Southern State University with B.S. Degree with emphasis in Business and Health & Wellness. Juan Perales started his career in the Environmental Services in the healthcare industry where he started as the front-line manager. Through his hard work, dedication, and vision he progressively moved upward, succeeding at numerous director and administrator roles in hospitals ranging of 300 to 1000+ beds in multiple states.

Juan has since successfully served in multiple regional & national roles for large support services companies, leading teams of 1,000+ employees. His diverse experience including Behavioral, Women’s & Children specialties, and boutique facilities has served him well as the Integrated Support Solutions Vice President of Operations for EVS. During Juan’s tenure he has successfully improved patient satisfaction, client retention, employee engagement, and has implemented an innovative approach to partnering with Infection Prevention, and reducing HAI’s.

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