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Food & Nutrition


Artisan Grab-n-Go

We know food service is hard to maintain during these times, so let us help you by implementing a grab-n-go system. Pre-packaged Artisan sandwiches, salads, soups, & sides from our menu allow customers to quickly grab and enjoy their food. We have been able to move most of our menu to a grab-n-go system, so people can enjoy what they want, when they want.

Show everyone they are appreciated by providing delicious, power-packed meals that they can look forward to each day!

Instead of employees running out to a fast-food chain, let them enjoy a healthy meal in your very own café. Not only is this perfect for rushed customers, but it’s also safer for everyone. The best part is we do so without compromising the freshness and quality of our food. It’s fast, it’s efficient, and it doesn’t get better than this.

Image by Hermes Rivera

ISSI's Custom-Fit Menu

 Our culinary team will work with you to build menus filled with fresh food options that will both satisfy your customers’ desires and meet the budget-requirements of your facility. We bring in actual ISSI chefs to create your menus. 

Each patient’s meal is cooked to-order using fresh, locally-sourced, whole ingredients. Chefs are trained to prepare all items using scratch cooking techniques while meeting JC and CMS regulatory requirements

Each menu we create is unique to each location, demographic, local tastes, and trends. Every item on our menu is specifically crafted with your customers in mind. Our system allows our chefs to make it fresh for each of your customers with minimal wait time so that you can differentiate from your competitors.


NEW! Meal Kits

Introducing our new meal-kits! How many times have you had a long day and just wish there was some food at home? Or realized you don’t have enough ingredients to make something? Our meal-kits let your employees and customers save time by having fresh ingredients packaged and par-cooked with a recipe card and instructions so they can quickly prepare them at home! Meal-kits could not be more perfect for healthcare workers who work long hours and need quick meal options.

True Food Program

Our True Food Program creates excitement for your team by relieving the tedium of seeing the same menu every day. Our program facilitates the creation of some of our most delicious and unparalleled dishes. Read more to see how we go above and beyond for staff and customers.

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